The world’s first biologically
assistated biodegradation device.

Designed exclusively for municipal
and industrial applications

Oxytec system were built to meet the unique
demands of the municipal industry, and create
a system that simply works.

It works utilizing a system cells have been
perfecting for 3 billion years, the Krebs's cycle.

As industry professionals we see this in action.
We know it works, all that is required, are the
right environmental parameters.

This is what we do, build systems that create the
perfect environmental parameters to 
eliminate organic pollutants


How we created the world’s most effective
biodegredadation system

Organic decomposition is a scientific process, which is why we spent more then a decade studying what works and what doesn’t. So we can deliver over 85% reduction of organic material, consistently.

Every system is different and always changing. Which is why we made our systems mobile, affordable, and scalable. If a site has a change in loading or flow rate, these systems can easily be customized to increase output or be relocated to a different site if needed. No large installation fee required.

Engineered to withstand dynamic thermal, acidic, and high moisture environments, your Oxytec system will continue running no matter the conditions. Oxytec systems are all built with high quality components in the USA, by highly skilled technically proficient manufacturing personnel.

The key to having consistent results is a thorough analysis, and understanding of the system. Our experts create solutions from knowledge in the field, not just in the lab. 10+ years experience designing remediation systems allow Oxytec systems to be used to their full potential. 

Designed for collection systems

Our years of experience working with collection systems allowed us to design a solution that perfectly fits the needs of collection systems of all sizes.


Collection systems very often have very little space, our diffuser assembly was designed to provide the optimum oxygen transfer potential with the smallest amount of space. So our units can be installed in even the smallest collection systems.


Self leveling
Our systems were mathematically engineered so the diffuser membrane is always level. This creates a consistent micro-bubble column that will facilitate a constant oxygen transfer rate.


Collection systems are designed for the gravimetric separation of solids, so to not disturb any solids settling and allow pass-through our diffuser assemblies are suspended in the middle aqueous layer. 


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Tel: 717.208.7863

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